JUST (another) BLACK GIRL…and other misconceptions

Hi! This is me having a casual couch-lean (READ: very intentional photo-shoot) at Cabaret just for this blog.

JaBG Cabaret

Photo by: Lippfoto inside of Cabaret (672 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON a.k.a. Wonderland)


I wanted to do this blog right – it’s my new baby and I need to nurture it. I’ve had a few (blogs not babies) in the last few years as I try to figure myself out. I’m thinking this might be it. WHY?  I don’t know, it just feels like now’s the time. Those of you who followed Single Blink know that I’m all over the place with interests, issues and things in-between.  Single Blink focused primarily on my failure in dating (PLEASE NOTE: “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross is playing on the ’80s SlowDance’ Songza playlist because I’m writing this after an INCREDIBLY emotional day of anxiety and uninhibited cries into my pillow).  JaBG will focus on everything I experience or want to experience in life.

You might be wondering about the name of the blog: JUST (another) BLACK GIRL. This is a comment I’ve heard more times than I can recall in reference to me, specifically.  Yeah, I’m black and I have crushes on all people. I lurve pop culture. Sometimes (ahem…all the time), I focus on the thickness of the male athletes on my favourite sports teams because I can. I have a mad obsession with clothing & shopping. So I’ve deduced because of this, when it comes to expressing my opinion, it occasionally sashays into the way of the idiotic and ignorant ears of people I’m forced to live with in society.  I mean, what else can one do with this gift other than create an online journal of this to enlighten anyone willing to be enlightened about the absolute f*ckery I deal with on a day-to-day basis.

So this is it, kids. This is the raw, yo! This is the realest, MAAAAAAANG!!! PREPARE TO BE…. ugh, “Saving All My Love For You” just started so I need go deal with that now. Hope you come back. Bye!


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