One Love

Just a couple thoughts to get off my chest so I can sleep tonight…

If an athlete contests a social issue that isn’t in his assumed wheelhouse, his concerns are sometimes minimized to the yammerings of a “jock who should stick to what he’s paid to do.”

A politician weighs in on a controversial editorial that’s gone viral; the fashion industry turns a blind eye because she doesn’t “get it.”

A teenager breaks down the effects of second-hand smoke to his father; he gets a smack to the mouth for the back talk.

I’m a 32 year old style-conscious, social media hungry, not-too-hard-on-the-eyes, solo-travelling, comedy-loving home-owner. And when I have something to say that may not be favourable, it’s reduced to “playing the race card” or something just as ludicrous. (By the by, for those who absolutely love the ‘race card’ defence, please educate yourself on what this actually means. An example to illustrate my point: if someone from a minority group guilt-trips a white person in power into gaining some kind of advantage or step-up by claiming they’re being discriminated against, THAT is playing the race card.  If someone is fighting for equality and they happen to be a minority, that’s just someone with a damn backbone. Trust me, there’s a difference and for the record, I don’t need to play a goddamn thing.)

Discrimination in 2014 is not shocking to me because I experience it on a regular basis, but isn’t it a tad idiotic that this is still a thing?

Do I prefer to know where I stand with the ignorant or is it better to not have to hear that negativity even though it’s bubbling beneath the surface?  There’s no right answer. Neither work for me.

The pursuit to a more understanding world really ain’t all that complicated if you think about it. But we don’t think. We react, then ignore because no one’s opinion that isn’t ours could possibly hold water.

Everyone (myself included), need to pull up and be better.  It’s that simple.  Be. Better.

But what could I know about this…I’m just another black girl.

JaBG CN Tower


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