Kennedy Cult LIVE @ The Horseshoe Tavern TONIGHT!

Just a quick one today because I’m still computing this…

I am so privileged to call these guys my friends. Please go see Kennedy Cult at the Horseshoe Tavern tonight. It’s Canadian Music Week and wristbands are accepted or you’re paying $20 at the door. They’ll take the stage along with The Box Tiger in support of BRODY DALLE!  I can’t even deal with this right now. They’ve been listed in NOW’s Top 10 under-the-radar acts to catch this CMW: I cannot stress how understated they’ve labelled this with KC in the list. I would’ve said they’re the “Top 1 band-to-love-today-and-until-the-end-of-time.” They’re Canadian, they have a saxophone player & nothing will warm the cockles of your heart more than Ryan & Jeremy on stage at the same time (you don’t even have to know them to feel it. Trust me). The Box Tiger & Brody are just icing on an already satisfying baked good.

Kennedy Cult are my favourite, FAVOURITE band and if you don’t know them now, get to know them. They released one EP every single month of 2013. AN. ALBUM. PER. MONTH. FOR. AN. ENTIRE. YEAR. *faints*

Every song would either play at the climactic heartbreak/school dance/closing credits of your favourite 80s movie, except they’re all original. GAAAAAH! Why are you still reading this?! Listen and download errthing here:

Get back to me when you’re life’s change. They are #JaBG-approved!!!

JaBG Kennedy Cult



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