May Two-Four…Or Maybe Not

I get home at night & get ready for bed; I let down my hair, nothing left to be said.

Alone with my thoughts, my breathing’s so loud; tears fall from my eyes but I won’t make a sound.

I undress, I sit, I set down my phone; I scream at my wall, “WHY AM I ALONE?!”

I’ve got work, my home, family & friends; brunches with wine, I should be content.

From Bay Street to writers, athletes to blue collar; I sit and I wait for THESE men to holler.

I’m stronger than this, I know for a fact yet somehow I feel my heart start to crack.

The good guys are out there, they’re taken or gay; Monday’s for football but kiki’s today.

I love them to death, but I have needs too. I want someone for me, a sweetie, a boo.

This is my life as it stands right now, how can I be frustrated? Seriously , HOW?!

I know it’s lame venting in an open letter, just wish this would get to the men who know better.


(Have a happy and safe long weekend, friends.)





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