This was a particularly difficult long weekend. I was able to be minimally social for a Sunday BBQ but walking home, I felt all things weigh down on me. By the time I was through my front door, it was a struggle to even get to my room. I sank into bed, fully dressed, and couldn’t get up until Sunday afternoon.  Things didn’t improve too much; I was in the fetal position on my couch watching a “CHOZEN” marathon on FXX.

I cannot explain why I’m overwhelmed by these feelings but that’s half of the fun of depression, ain’t it? One of the many things on my mind, which I’m sure aid in my dark days, is trying to pinpoint when I fell out of love with my city. I remember the absolute euphoria when I knew I’d be travelling to Toronto, by myself. All the things to do, to see, to eat…especially to eat.  But not anymore! 

Here’s my plan: I’ve made a list of the main things always swirling in my m’mindgrapes and I’mma tackle them one at a time.

First on the list is winning Toronto back. It seems every time I want to do something, I’ve been there and done that a hundred times. I’ve become redundant & haven’t been truly open for change. Has our relationship become so strained we may never get back to the way we used to be? I don’t know but I think it’s worth the fight to try again.

I’m going to invest in a cruiser and helmet and take to the streets this entire summer getting to know my bae again. We’ve both changed so much, it’s best to start from scratch. I don’t want to go to the museum or a movie theatre or any of that. I want to picnic in places that aren’t Trinity Bellwoods or Cherry Beach. I want to discover new areas of town on my bike with breathtaking scenery. Mom & Pop shops with the best gelato? I wanna be IN you. I want to take myself out for an amazing dinner on a patio where I can look into Toronto’s face without distraction. I want to remember how beautiful it was and see how getting older has made it more glorious now. I’m asking all my lovers & other strangers to leave suggestions in the comments section on their favourite non-mainstream things to do and places to be. My goal is to experience as many of these as I can. 


1) Create comprehensive list of things to do in Toronto

2) Do the things on the list

3) Toronto and I fall in love again

4) Cross issue off list


I hope you help me, help me. I’ll accept suggestions until JUNE 20TH. The success of my summer romance depends on it. I strongly believe this; I can’t do it without your help.

We were once so happy together.

We were once so happy together.




4 responses

  1. Oooh, I like this. Biking the Don trails, next to the DVP, always make my heart sing, it’s so beautiful down there. Same with the waterfront trails (although head east, not west, as construction along Queens Quay will probably dampen your spirit.)

  2. I like that there’s hope in your posts. It’s endearing but also helpful. This idea of falling in love again (with the city) is so wonderful. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

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