Tenderoni Thursday – @THUGLI Edition

Now, you know how I feel about my men & my music. Mash these things together and you get THUGLI (photo below). Can I get a sweet “hallelujah” for these baby boys? Like, damn, right?

Also, I’ve been very rude. Please let me introduce you to this week’s double tenderoni salute:

THUGLI (Photo by: Tobias Wang)

THUGLI (Photo by: Tobias Wang)

This Thuglificent duo (not sorry for the term) is comprised of Tom Wrecks-m’heart on the left and Pat “Fantastic” Drastik on the right. (Actually it’s just Tom Wrecks & Pat Drastik – I got carried away.)

It has been foretold they were sent to revive the human race via daily involuntary body pumps. I’m no conspiracy theorist but press play on this track:

The term “turnt up” is played out like a symphony but, dude…if this track doesn’t make your body move in ways you thought it forgot about then I don’t know what to tell you.  Every moment got me like…


I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate these guys. Their controversial video “Run This,” directed by Amos Leblanc and Ohji Inoue has been nominated THRICELY for this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards. I was lucky enough to get a likkle sneak preview before they premiered it last year; I’m happy to see it recognized in Canada.

Here’s why I love this video: it starts a conversation about living in a society where those “in charge” are sometimes the most corrupt. They feel their position affords them certain rights the rest of us don’t have to follow because we’re beneath them. The individuals STILL backing Ford Nation, I’m talking directly to you. Every time I hear someone say no one cares about our mayor & his bloodclot shenanigans (only reinforcing his antics are sponsored by the Just For Laughs Gags’ cutting room floor), I want to donkey kick them in the front part of their necks. If you’re naive enough to believe your kids aren’t sponges and soak up everything they hear/see around them and you DON’T think it will affect them…well, lawd have mercy on us all. The herd will be thinned and it is us who will go down. To me, this isn’t about the glorification of violence; it should open your eyes to what’s happening. Right now. All over world. *rant done*

You can tune in to the #MMVAs on SUNDAY, JUNE 15th @ 9PM to see if they sweep their categories (MuchFact Video Of The Year, Director Of The Year & Best Dance Video). 

And check out all things THUGLI with the links below. 

Music: http://www.soundcloud.com/thugli

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/THUGLIMUSIC

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thuglimusic

MMVA-nominated video “RUN THIS:”


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