Real Talk Tuesday – #JaBG’s Hiatus Comes To An End

Wowowowowowow! The highs and lows of life takes its toll more often than not these days. Here’s the Coles Notes version of what’s been going on:

  • Went on a lovely, non-online date via a friend playing matchmaker
  • UNRELATED: I’m still single
  • Netflix and I rediscovered each other (future film recommendations are coming, so stay tuned!)
  • Spiralled into deep depression; still living on the dark side but am trusting there’s a light somewhere out of my direct view
  • I’m back in counselling & I think this doctor is the right fit
  • Spent one-on-one time with my dad & it was the best
My new bicycle; her name is Abbey!

Bought a brand-new bicycle; her name is Abbey! (Thanks Alex & Curbside Cycle)

  • Putting a concerted effort into getting my home exactly how I want it
  • Booked my G license test
  • Collected my 2nd Toronto Blue Jays bobble head
  • I’m now 100% real – no more acrylic nails, no more hair extensions
  • TOTALLY RELATED: newest project is learning how to corn row my own hair
  • I gained a ton of weight after my April vacation getaway, I’m now a size 12 (never been this big & my wardrobe disagrees)
  • Hired a trainer/nutritionist to get back track – summer body is on the way

My apologies for being away so long, I’ve got some goodies coming up. Turns out this blog is my happy place; I might as well visit as often as I can.


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