Who’s That Girl?

There are three HUGE things that keep my mood up without the aid of meds & remind me that I’m me:

  1. Blogging
  2. Working out (ugh, even I can see this…and it hurts to admit)
  3. Styling myself, wardrobe-wise

I haven’t done any of these here things in awhile.  So this is my return to regular blogging – whether it’s a super funny story, an observation or just a note, I’m going to get back to doing this on a regular basis because seeing your “likes” and “retweets” and “shares” unleashes some real-life/time endorphins and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I really despise working out, but the happiness occurs when I spot the changes. I’m not one who finishes a run or deep cardio burn (is that even a thing?) and say, “Man, I feel FANTASTIC!” Noooooooooope. Never ever. I loathe exercise.  What I do love is seeing my lovely body carved out of the loaves of bread that have affixed themselves to my abdomen.  So to get to that point, I have to put in the work.  It is exactly ONE MONTH until a 10-year anniversary party at work and I have my target outfit. Right now, it doesn’t fit. It doesn’t fit at all. On Aug 7th (the day before the party), I will post a photo of me in the outfit. IT BETTER ZIP UP SO HELP ME ALLAH!

Since going natural with my hair and actually wearing my afro has taken some getting used to. While I love it, it’s still very new and requires a lot of skills I’m still learning just to maintain. My hair and all the different things I do to it, is a part of the little pieces of confidence I possess. When that’s gone – I feel like a shell.  Now is the time to embrace this look and get back into wearing clothes.  Of course, as I remain diligent with 2nd item, I’ll feel better about me in my clothes. I refuse to buy a new wardrobe when I have so many gems piled high in my laundry.  So a few weeks of good eats & activity will make a world of difference.

I’ve said it. You’ve read it. Now it’s the gospel.  Hold me to it, friends!


Gotta find this girl again – she’s pretty righteous!!! (Photo by Lippfoto)


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