Styling On A Budget: PART 2

In today’s instalment, I liked the simplicity of the look on the left. Super relaxed & uber-cute. So let’s break down her outfit & see how I made it work for me a couple weeks ago: IMG_0266 WHAT I USED:

  1. a patterned, collared button-down shirt (Winners)
  2. black straight-legged jeans (Bluenotes’)
  3. white, almond-toed flats (Ardene)
  4. multi-string faux pearl necklace (my mom’s)

I bought this men’s medium-sized shirt from Winners awhile ago. As a busty beauty, it actually worked for me. Usually shirts with buttons strain in all the wrong places and my superiors at work don’t need to see my Secrets From Your Sister. Anyway, it’s a great H.R. violation preventer.  It’s primarily red, white & blue (“Amuurica, F*CK YEAH!”) with some white detailing across the chest. Like my inspiration on the left, I pulled a colour from my shirt (the white) & matched it with my shoes. It’s a four-piece outfit, friends. FOUR! And it was effortless and comfortable the entire work day. This outfit cost me: $0 Try it yourself.


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