Songs In The Key Of “A”ri-minor

You know that forever-walk between subway lines at Spadina station? And how there’s always some kind of musically-inclined busker at any given time of day? The violinist tonight was playing something in a minor chord and I almost LOST IT!

Damn, yo! Why you gotta be playing the melody of my feelings right now? The fact I may be living my own version of The Truman Show is beginning to seem less like paranoia and more like the realest reality. Danny Elfman just sitting somewhere scoring my life away because Randy Newman didn’t get “my brand.” He wasn’t right for this project.

Anyway, to make things that much more dramatic: I had a tear that wouldn’t dare tumble over my lower left lid. I just watched the saline swells rock back and forth as I trudged my way across the pedestrian walk.

The moral of this story: I need to get my headphones back on my ears where they belong. One crisp Whitney Houston mid-to-uptempo pop hit would’ve curbed this ridiculousness in its entirety.

So, Tuesday, don’t come to play, strive to win! I’m rooting for you. 🙏🙏🙏

JaBG - Betty Cooper will power

Betty’s Mantra


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