The Revolution Will Be Accessorized: I’m A Stylist Once More!

Well, who’d have thunk it? In a previous life, I had the opportunity to style some of my favourite people in the city: actors, comedians, photographers, musicians & friends. Somehow in the thick of it all, I lost my passion for it. When I made it into work, I didn’t put the same amount of love into it. I had to step away and really missed building puzzles with every job.  Because styling is a puzzle for me. I’m given all these randomly-shaped pieces to work with: a body, an event/situation, sometimes an outfit & sometimes not, a date and a budget. I have to make all of these things fit together and when I solve the puzzle, it’s the best feeling for me.

So, I continued doing fun, no pressure styling on myself. Finding celebrity street style equivalent outfits within my closet (all hail Queen Gwen Stefani). It’s so fun to interpret an outfit that cost me nothing and still look like a million bucks. Turns out, this wasn’t enough; I enjoy the hands-on part of styling, showing people what works and why what they’re currently doing is not. Watching faces light up when they see themselves in a new way.  And having them send me outfits they’ve put together now that they know exactly what to look for. The fear is gone by trying new things; if it doesn’t work, move on.

In the last few weeks I’ve joined the Stella & Dot family as an independent stylist. I needed this challenge. I want to be a part of something I truly love, I want to be financially secure & I want to win.  Win what, you ask?  Win EVERYTHING: beat my social anxiety, crush my debt, be the entrepreneur I’ve always wanted to be, attack all the negative thoughts YOU have about yourself & the rules of style!

I'm wearing the Stella & Dot Pegasus Necklace in silver (also comes in gold)

I’m wearing the Stella & Dot Pegasus Necklace in silver (also comes in gold)

I’m not going to bug you and pester you to buy what I’m selling. That’s not who I am and that’s not how I’m going to run this business.  I definitely want to help you if you want me to, I’ll be open and willing any time.  But this is MY business and I’m going to treat it with the same loving care as I do anything I’m passionate about.

MY GOAL: I would like to host SIX (6) trunk shows in the month of November and that’s where you come in. If you or anyone you know in Toronto (I don’t have a car, guys, so it will have to be TTC accessible. I’m sorry!) are interested in learning more about becoming a host or hostess, do not hesitate to shoot me an email: or get at me through Facebook or Twitter (@bettykiss).  There are a ton of perks and if you think you can’t afford that necklace for an upcoming winter wedding, or a customized charm bracelet for your niece’s birthday or maybe you want to be a complete knockout for your office’s Holiday party…there are ways, my darlings. 50%-and-style-rewarding ways! Mwahahahahahaha.

My trunk shows will be a little different than average; I’m offering my personal wardrobe styling services for every $50 you spend on Stella & Dot.  I encourage you and your guests to bring an item of clothing you had stuck in your closet because you don’t know what to wear with it or an outfit you’ve never successfully been able to accessorize.  For every $50 you spend, I’ll give you one personal styling session – I mean, how can you beat that?

Alright, this is just the intro and I’m SUPER excited to hear from all of you.  So remember:

  • Weddings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Christmas gifts (for those men who wait last minute, you don’t even have to go into a mall!!!)
  • Birthday gifts
  • …or simply to treat yo’ self!

I plan on entering 2015 with a bang and I want to thank everyone who’s stuck by me as I sorted things out.

Take a look at all the available sparklies here: Arianne Young | Stella & Dot and I look forward to making some new friends in the next month.  Please share with any and all, your help is very appreciated!


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