The “Gift A Girl” Project – I hope you join me!

Now it seems, more than ever, we need to embrace girls, young and old. We need to support them, educate them, show them our strength so they can grow up to be strong themselves. I’m donating 100% of cash profits from my very first trunk show to Confidence Coalition.  November 14th happens to be International Girls Day and I intentionally chose this date.

The link to my trunk show is open right now ( and will remain open for three weeks AFTER November 14th. This isn’t a cash grab. This isn’t a guilt trip. I want this to be something you willingly participate in. I’m calling this the “Gift A Girl” project. I’m gifting three women in my life, just as a token that I don’t take their presence in my life for granted.  Do they need gifts? No. But giving makes me feel good and I want to put a smile on their faces.  I task you with taking advantage of this flash sale happening RIGHT NOW (began today, closes October 30th) and even if you don’t, checking out the site for something you know would put a smile on a girl who has changed your life. And this is for anyone to participate: husbands to wives, friends to friends, grandmother’s to their granddaughters, nephews to aunts, etc. Just show a girl you thought of them.

I’m gifting this necklace to my mother, without her I would come apart at the seams. I remember this colour combination on so many of her jewellery pieces growing up. Her vanity was in my bedroom. She’d wake up at the crack of dawn to begin her beauty regime & I’d pretend to be sleeping but watch her apply her make-up, choose each item from her wardrobe with deliberation and leave before the sun was up to conquer the world in only the way she knows how.


I’m gifting this scarf to the senior woman I volunteer with; her birthday is next month and she’s become like a surrogate grandmother. She’s lost most of her hearing & almost all of her sight but she’s able to discern the colour red from any other colour. She’s in her 80s, she just re-issued her passport for another 10 years because “you never know when you’ll need to travel,” she says. (She just got back from a solo trip to Italy. WHAT?!) She reminds me that we’re as young as we stay in our minds; I feel honoured to have met her and have her share her life stories with me, little by little, every week.


I’m gifting this bracelet to my best friend, my right arm, my conscience, my sister. Despite all my absurdity, she is my rock. I really can’t put into words what her friendship means to me. She’s younger than me but still my elder. I look up to her so much and hope to one day be the woman she is.


I won’t hide the fact that your purchase will also benefit my ability to build this stylist business. While the cash sales are being donated, the sample credits I receive will expand my selections for future trunk shows. Every dollar I receive over the next few weeks will be tallied and I’ll be keeping you posted with a running total. This is not for a tax break, but because this is something I really believe in. If you decide to take part in my “Gift A Girl” project – would you please share your story with me of what you purchased, who it’s for and why they mean so much to you?  You can email me at  I would like to compile the stories for a future post at the end of the trunk show. You can find these pieces and more here: 

Please share with those you know, near and far.  I know I’m one person, but I still think I can make a little bit of a difference in some girls’ lives.


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