How I Would Style: Dr. Mindy Lahiri featuring Stella & Dot

Mindy Lahiri

Paging Dr. Mindy Lahiri…………you’re about to get Bettykissed!

Tonight is the night Mindy, Danny & the entire gang delight us for 22 minutes in a brand-new episode of The Mindy Project. In honour of this, I’ve put together a very special post entitled:
How I Would Style: Dr. Mindy Lahiri featuring Stella & Dot
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.22.07 PM

I love Mindy’s style (fictional and IRL) because even if there were rules, no fuqs given.  She mixes patterns, textures, metals. She dresses her body well and doesn’t cower behind neutrals or monochromatic palettes.  So, here’s how I would style Dr. Mindy Lahiri if I ever had a chance.

We start with with a bold top. It’s a long-sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar, lace overlay and a scalloped hem. I’ve paired it with a retro-inspired floral midi skirt. I find this style of skirt absolutely perfect for any shape, size, height or level of fashion sense. You can be as simple or eccentric as possible. Not that it’s required but I always love a belt when I can fit one in; this is a faux leather skinny belt from Old Navy (don’t tell Mindy!!!). Her boots break the bank (she makes good money, she can do it). These are 3.1 Phillip Lim Ora over-the-knee leather boots in a camel colour.  Now let’s jack her up with the accessories!

Around her neck, we bring the Stella & Dot Coral Kay statement necklace, it pulls the accents from the skirt right out. Her arm party is comprised of the Inspiration bangle, Becca & Christina Link bracelet.  (All links for these items are below…I LOVE THE POP OF COLOUR!)

Anyway, the countdown is on. I’ll probably do this every time I’m excited for a TV show.  This means always. I’ll do this always.

Stella & Dot Items: